At Impresa Percassi, making the most of talent is considered a strategic asset to interpret the continuous change taking place, the new challenges of the market, to achieve high performance, and for the growth of the company itself.

The HR division is committed to continuously improving an integrated performance and talent management system that promotes the development of skills and the recognition of results at all levels and areas.

Planning business and executive coaching projects are essential to strengthening leadership and role management skills, while, in a highly digitised context, sophisticated management software enables timely information sharing and feedback gathering for goal-setting and performance-monitoring.

Specific follow-up processes also aim to collect feedback from all new entrants on the induction process, the company climate, and the growth process.

In January 2019, thanks to its significant infrastructural implementation related to the successful digital transformation process and after a trial period, Impresa Percassi introduced and regulated a smart working system for its corporate staff.

The aim is to give people the opportunity to achieve a work-life balance, by increasing motivation and personal gratification and, of course, also productivity. To do so, we are considering, where allowed under regulations, extending it to construction site roles.

The decision to open up to “smart” work is consistent with the change in corporate culture that has been in progress at Percassi since 2012, positioning it as an innovative company and with a new managerial philosophy that aims to give employees flexibility and independence, assigning them responsibility for achieving results and constantly sharing challenging corporate growth objectives.