While innovation drives its growth strategy, Impresa Percassi believes its growth must be sustainable.

Its Corporate Environmental Management System was designed to be fully compliant with applicable regulations and minimise environmental impact, including indirect impact and that related to the supply of goods and services. In September 2018 Apave Certification Srl certified it as ISO 140001 compliant.

This marks important recognition for its position as the leading general contractor in the market and rewards its commitment to spreading good environmental management practices internally and among all stakeholders.

Definition of its own environmental policy
Prevention and constant planning of targeted actions and measures
Monitoring and measurement of results

are the aspects that form the basis of the Company’s Environmental Management System strategically and operationally.

For the purposes of continuous improvement, since xxx Impresa Percassi has also been a member of the GBC – Green Bulding Council Italia – an association founded to guide and support the construction sector towards sustainable standards for design, construction, use and maintenance – and complies consistently with LEED standards.

Environmental Certification
Green Building Certification

The LEED® standards – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – specify the requirements for environmentally sustainable buildings, concerning both energy and the environmental resources involved in the construction process. The LEED building certification system allows design and construction teams to assess the best strategy to optimise the relationship between the building and its surroundings.

To achieve LEED certification for its construction projects, and jointly with its direct subcontractors, Impresa Percassi manages the LEED credits identified by its customers in specifications for that purpose, setting out the criteria and management methods used, and fulfilling all the prerequisites (minimum standard).