Positioning Impresa Percassi as a leading player in the general contractor segment has required it to strengthen its value proposition and thus improve the Quality Management System for its processes, products and services, which has obtained the EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

In line with the highest international standards, the new certification, issued in September 2018 by Apave Certification Srl Italy, introduces:

the Risk-based thinking approach
focus on leadership
analysis of the context in which the organisation operates

A Risk-based thinking approach, i.e. the identification, analysis and timely management of any non-conformities so as to prevent, mitigate, ensure prompt corrective action and continuous improvement. It involves the organisation at all levels and all of its departments.

Top management is specifically responsible for leadership, i.e. for integrating the QMS into our business model and making it a part of Impresa Percassi’s growth strategies.

To be really effective at both strategic and operational levels, the QMS:

  • must take into account the overall context (external and internal factors), expectations and needs of customers and different stakeholders;
  • identifies non-conformities and ensures rapid and effective action:
  • involves selecting highly-qualified suppliers that are committed to achieve corporate standards to the extent of their involvement;
  • requires constant alignment and training, monitoring and sharing improvement objectives and results in addition to the specific definition of the roles and responsibilities of all company departments.


The Company’s Quality Management System is periodically audited to measure the effectiveness of its implementation and continuously adjust it in terms of resources and technological innovation.