Impresa Percassi considers protecting the health and safety of all people and the quality of our working environment an absolute priority, not only as a key factor of competitiveness and distinction, but also as an affirmation of social commitment and cultural growth.

We have developed our Health and Safety Management System not only to comply with industry regulations – to protect the rights of workers, contractors and suppliers and to protect the environment – but also on the basis of a significant upgrade in terms of management standards and expertise, thanks to major partnerships linked to our most recent achievements.

The projects for the Siemens SpA Headquarters or the Bocconi University Campus have, in fact, led to an in-depth review of the ZHC (Zero Harm Culture) and Safety First philosophy and approach.

"Safety First" – without compromise!
Let's take care of each other

Safety is a priority, not only with regard to healthy and safe behaviour in one’s role but also concerning the creation of safe conditions for everyone and the timely recognition of Near Misses and Risk Assessment. It represents a commitment from everyone and for everyone.

Our #BuildingSafety programme aims to improve safety, health and well-being at work by involving all the companies that work with us to systematically reduce accidents and occupational diseases by means of a cultural change promoted by management and all employees.

To easily and promptly share information and documents related to site safety – reports, files and permit checks, emergency management, regulatory adjustments. Impresa Percassi has adopted an innovative cloud-based platform, characterised by innovation in terms of technology, but that also affects management and the organisation, to ensure the highest performance and the safety standards.